Hola Salsa Valentina Family!
To all its fans Salsa Valentina is more than just a condiment -
it is a life style and a passion! After all, it's Mexico's #1 hot sauce.
And after many years of waiting, the merchandise is finally available!
We strive to provide the best products for fans like us. If you eat so
much Valentina that you literally sweat hot sauce, we got you covered!
Do you have a baby who's full of spicy attitude? We got something for
that too! Are you simply a spicy mamacita? Or maybe you want
on-the-go Valentina packets so that you can have it with you everywhere
you go? Whatever t is you're looking for, we're sure you can find it here!
Salsa Valentina brings together a culture of family, adventure, parties
late into the night and a love for mouthwatering food! So join this large
family of hot sauce fans and show the whole world your love of spice!
We would love to hear from you with any comments, questions or product
Stay Spicy,
-CEO and Team
DISCLAIMER: Salsa Valentina Shop and Spicy Apparel  does not own the trademark for the Salsa Valentina logos, and we do not represent Salsa Tamazula SA de CV, Grupo Tamazula or Import & Export Inc. in any way. Salsa Tamazula SA de CVGrupo Tamazula and Import & Export Inc. are in no way and under no circumstance responsible for any of the services provided by Salsa Valentina Merchandise.
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