Fan Post Of The Day: They're Called Weenies!!!

This story is dedicated to all the confused people in the US who don’t know what weenies are. Let me start off with a little back story. Growing up, weenies were a huge part of my life. My dad would always make me weenie octopuses, where he would take a weenie, and slice the bottom half into 8 strips, all still connected to the top half. He would then splay it out on a plate so that it looked like an octopus, and put ketchup or hot sauce on top to look like hair and eyes. We would also often eat grilled weenies, weenies sliced into little round circles with lime and Valentina, eggs with weenies, and so much more. One day though, about 3 years ago, my boyfriend and I were at the store by the refrigerated section and I saw some weenies so I exclaimed “Lets buy weenies!!!”. And he gave me the strangest look! He said “Get your mind outta the gutter! They’re called hot dogs!” ...My mind was blown. He genuinely thought I was trying to be weird or funny by calling them weenies, and he had genuinely NEVER heard them be called weenies before! I felt like I was facing an existential crisis. These things I was holding in a package in my hand are called weenies, no, they ARE weenies! That’s all I’ve ever known! Still in shock, we got home and I shared this crazy experience with some other friends, expecting them to say something like “Yeah, of course they’re called weenies, that’s not weird at all.” But oh how wrong I was! They all acted like I was saying the weirdest thing on earth. “Nobody calls them weenies, you’re probably the only one who calls them that. Don’t be gross.” I soon learned that in the U.S. nobody calls them weenies, they call them hotdogs. And in Mexico, a hot dog is the full dish of a weenie inside a bun with mustard and stuff. If it has no buns, it’s not a hot dog! So much confusion. I am convinced however that I am not, in fact, the only one who knows what a weenie is. I believe “Weenie” is the true name for this delicious and versatile food. Can anyone relate? Does anyone agree?

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